What more can you do for someone?

This was written on my office wall the first week I owned Santa Cruz Strength. The idea was that if I could support the ideal training environment and gave it to members at what they perceived was a great value, I couldn't fail. 

Fast forward three years.

The gym's membership doubled, its income tripled, we had members going to Nationals or Worlds in every strength sport, we continued to introduce new people to the barbell with a common sense approach that got them strong, and we became the only gym to ever host over 1,000 attendees of different strength contests and seminars in one year.


During my tenure as owner of SCS, I learned how to give people the best experience possible. I could have only done that with my 15 years of competition in strength sports and by listening to what the members needed. And now that I've sold the business, I'm building Swolebiz Presents on the things I think I do best: (1) personal training (2) event production and (3) building training programs.

I would love the opportunity to show you what more I can do for you and your gym experience.

Clay Edgin

There's no substitution for experience

I'm a firm believer that if you want to learn something new, you should seek out people who have already done it. I didn't get my credentials from a weekend certification or in commercial gyms. I lived and trained with a World's Strongest Man veteran and I competed against the best in the world when they were amateurs. I've trained with powerlifters who held innumerable state, national, and world records. I've got several of those records myself. As of this writing, I've competed in over 70 competitions in 5 different strength sports in 5 countries. I've traded the last 15 years of my life for priceless memories, trophies, records, and a couple scars.

I took my experience in strength sports and used it to get my NASM-CPT, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Level 1, and CrossFit Level 1.


If you entrust me with your goals, I'm going to make you stronger, fitter, healthier, and pain-free. 


  • Strongman competitor since 2003

  • “A” level Highland Games thrower

  • Powerlifter since 2006 (best raw lifts include 550 squat / 410 bench / 713 deadlift)

  • Strongman Corporation Chairman for New Mexico from 2007-2009

  • Strongman Corporation State Chairman for California 2016-present

  • Director of Sport Development MAS Wrestling USA

  • Director of Armlifting USA

  • International Referee for International Mas Wrestling Federation

  • USPA Certified State Judge

  • USAPL Certified State Judge

  • Promoted and hosted many strongman and grip strength competitions

  • Performed public speaking mixed with feats of strength for churches, Rotary groups, gyms.

  • Shown on season 3, episode 10 of Spike TV’s“Deadliest Warrior” show as their Professional Strongman. 

  • Master of Ceremonies for powerlifting, roller derby, and strongman contests

  • Author for Ironmind's MILO Journal, REPS! Magazine, fiveonfive Magazine, and numerous websites for grip training

  • Featured in The Salinas Californian, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Williston Herald, and Albuquerque Journal newspapers

Personal Strength Achievements

  • Several world records in grip strength

  • 24 state powerlifting records

  • 6 American powerlifting records

  • First American to compete in MAS Wrestling World Cup in Russia

  • 2nd Place in Norwegian Mas Wrestling Championship

  • Ironmind #3 certified Captain of Crush (2003)

  • Ironmind Red Nail bender (2004)

  • Heavy Grips Strength Athlete of the Month (March 2004)

  • Featured in Strong, Stronger, Strongest and Strength and Speed books by strength historian Dale Harder

  • First man to bend Grade 5 5/16″ x 7″ long tempered steel bolt, now called “Edgin bolts”

  • First man to complete Ironmind’s “Crushed to Dust” grip challenge

  • Medaled in World Armlifting Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia

Coaching Achievements

  • Coached athletes at IPL Powerlifting World Championships for the last 4 years, including qualifying myself.

  • Sponsored roller derby team, Boardwalk Bombshells, had one of the largest surge in rankings in WFTDA going from #45 to #15 in one season, finishing 7th in their Division after first year training with me at Santa Cruz Strength.

  • Helped a client who had a heart attack due to an unhealthy lifestyle create good habits in the gym and over the course of a year was taken off all her medications.

  • Created training program and coached athlete who made it to CrossFit Games 5 years

  • Created training program and coached athletes who qualified for Strongest Woman in the World contest

  • Coached athletes to help them qualify for Strongman/Strongwoman Nationals

  • Created training program and coached athletes who competed in American Open and Masters Weightlifting World Championships

  • Coached athlete who competed in Olympic Trials 

Tel: 512.619.5980

email: clay@swolebiz.com

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