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MAS Wrestling (pronounced "moss") is the Yakutsk sport of stick wrestling. Think of it like a tug of war with a stick. 

The ways to win are simple:

1. Pull the stick out of your opponent's hand;

2. Pull your opponent up and over the board; or

3. Throw your opponent off balance so any part of their body other than their feet touches the board between you.

Best two out of three rounds wins the bout. Seems easy enough right? But this simple sport is rarely easy! Here is a brief informational video about the sport:

We'll start by going over the history of the sport, talk about the techniques and strategy, then go through a deep stretching routine that will help you ready for MAS wrestling.

At 10:00, we'll divide everyone into weight classes and start our double elimination tournament. If there aren't enough competitors for double elimination, we'll do a round robin style where everyone in a weight class will go against everyone else. All standard IMWF weight classes will be used: Men's 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 105kg, 125kg, 125kg+. Women 55kg, 65kg, 75kg, 75kg+

I am proud to have been the first American to compete in the MAS Wrestling Absolute World Championships in Russia and subsequently the first Coach of Team USA who traveled to Siberia to compete in the World Championships. After traveling the world competing and hosting seminars, I'm excited to bring this sport to Austin and Hyde Park Gym.

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