Total Strongman Championships

February 9, 2019
Cal Expo Fairgrounds, Building B

This is a United States Strongman competition. All competitors will need to have a current USSC membership before competing. Membership can be obtained here. 

DATE: Saturday, February 9, 2019

TIMES: Early Weigh Ins 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Friday, February 8th at hotel TBD. Regular weigh ins Saturday morning 8:00 - 8:30 at contest venue. See map of Building B below for location of competition area. Contest begins at 9:00 AM Saturday.

WEIGHT CLASSES: All standard USSC weight classes will be included. See entry form for complete list

DIVISIONS: All standard USSC divisions will be included. See entry form for complete list. 

COST: $70.00 before January 15th, $90 after that. Entry fee includes 1 free entrance into expo and competition t-shirt courtesy of our sponsor Nightmare Muscle. All entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are unable to participate in this event for any reason, you forfeit your registration monies. 

CONTACT: Meet director Clay Edgin


Log Clean & Press for Reps. Athletes will have 60 seconds to clean and press as many reps as possible on a log. Each rep must be cleaned from the ground and can be put overhead with any style of lift they like. Must wait for DOWN command before returning the log back to the ground for the next rep. A properly locked out rep is with feet parallel to each each, elbows locked out, and head pushed through, showing control at the top of the lift.

Masters/Teen/Novice/LW Women: 115lbs on 8" log

MW Women: 135 on 8" log

HW/SHW Women: 155 on 8" log

Masters/Teen/Novice/LW Men: 185lbs on 10" log

MW Men: 225 on 10" log

HW/SHW Men" 255 on 10" log

Axle Deadlift / Farmers Walk Medley. Athletes will have 60 seconds to perform 3 axle deadlifts, then carry a pair of farmers walk bars for 50ft, turn, and carry them back 50ft to the start, then perform 3 more axle deadlifts as quickly as possible. Straps can be used on the axle but must be put on on your own time i.e. no putting them on the axle before time begins. Straps not allowed on the farmers walk. Athlete must completely turn around a cone at the 50ft foot mark. Unlimited drops allowed on the farmers. Each rep of the deadlift must be locked out completely with hips through, shoulders back, and held with control at the top awaiting the judge's DOWN command. No dropping the bar. Chalk is the only grip aid allowed on this event, other than straps on the axle. 

Masters/Teen/Novice/LW Women: 225 axle / 135 per hand farmers

MW Women: 265 axle / 155 per hand farmers

HW/SHW Women: 305 axle / 175 per hand farmers

Masters/Teen/Novice/LW Men: 365 axle / 205 per hand farmers

MW Men: 405 axle / 245 per hand farmers

HW Men/SHW: 455 axle / 275 per hand farmers

Sled Drag/Drive: Athletes will have 60 seconds to perform a standing arm over arm pull with a rope and sled for 50ft, then push it back 50ft to its start line in the fastest time possible. In the event that they are not able to complete the course in 60 seconds, their score will be the distance that the sled has traveled.

Weight TBD based on how slick the venue floor is

Sandbag Carry. Athletes will have 60 seconds to carry a sandbag as far as possible, making turns every 50ft. Sandbag will be picked from the ground and must be carried in the front i.e. no shouldering. Distance will be marked from where sandbag hits the ground. Weights are approximate but won't fluctuate more than 10lbs in either direction.

Masters/Teen/Novice/LW Women: 120lb bag

MW Women: 120lb bag

HW/SHW Women: 150lb bag

Masters/Teen/Novice/LW Men: 150lb bag

MW Men: 200lb bag

HW/SHW Men: 220lb bag

Stone to Shoulder. Athletes will have 60 seconds to perform as many reps of stone to shoulder as possible. Tacky will not be allowed. Stone will start on the ground and athlete can place their hands on it at the beginning. Rep is complete once the stone is on top of the shoulder, the supporting hand is pulled away, and the lifter is showing control of the stone waiting the judge's DOWN command. Stone can be dropped back to the ground on the rubber mats but athlete cannot use any bouncing of the stone to start the next rep. 

Masters/Teen/Novice/LW Women: 145 stone

MW Women: 145 stone

HW/SHW Women: 175 stone

Masters/Teen/Novice/LW Men: 175 stone

MW Men: 215 stone

HW/SHW Men: 240 stone


If you would like to participate in the strongman, MAS wrestling, and armlifting competition, you can still use this single entry form and check the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the form for discounted entry into the other two contests. In addition to the USSC membership for strongman, you'll need a current MAS Wrestling USA and Armlifting USA membership to participate in those events. Otherwise, you can sign up for each of the other contests individually.

Tel: 512.619.5980


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