Santa Cruz Strength Strongman Challenge 6

Saturday, October 6th 2018

Santa Cruz Strength

Weigh Ins: Early weigh ins are Friday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Regular weigh ins are Friday evening from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturday weigh ins are 7:00 a.m. - 7:30 a.m.

Rules meeting at 8:45

First event starts at 9:00

This is a Strongman Corporation Level 1 competition. The winner in each Open and Masters weight class will qualify for 2019 Nationals. There must be at least 5 competitors in each division in order to have a Nationals qualifying spot. If there are not 5 competitors in a division it will be merged with the next division up to create a qualifying spot.

Registration is $70.00 and is not refundable or transferable for any reason. If you are not able to compete, you will forefeit your registration monies.


Novice = For first-timers only

Masters = For competitors over the age of 40 

Open = Everyone else

Note: If you're a novice or a Master, you can still compete in the Open division if you like. 

Weight Classes:

Lightweight Women (under 140lbs)

Middleweight Women (141-180lbs)

Heavyweight Women (181lbs and up)

Lightweight Men (under 175lbs)

Lightweight Men (176-200lbs)

Lightweight Men (201-231lbs)

Middleweight Men (232-265lbs)

Heavyweight Men (266lbs and up)


1. Axle Clean & Press to Max Weight

Competitors will compete in pairs and have 60 seconds to attempt to clean and press overhead as much weight as possible. We'll be running this event similar to a powerlifting meet so when you show up for weigh in, you'll have to give your opening attempt which cannot be changed. We will then arrange all the competitors into flights based on their opening attempts regardless of division. After your first attempt, you have one minute to give your next weight to the scoring table. You'll get as many attempts as you like within that minute. If you miss, you can try to the weight again or go up. Can't go back down. Three attempts max. Must have at least one good lift to get a score in this event.

All weight classes will choose their own weight attempts.

2. Yoke Carry 

Competitors will have 60 seconds to carry a yoke 100ft as quickly as possible. Yoke will start completely behind the start/finish line and carried to the 50ft line. Only the front of the yoke has to cross the 50ft line. Competitor will then drop yoke, turn around, pick it up, and come back. Entire yoke must cross start/finish line.

Score in this event is how fast you can complete the course. If you can't complete the course, your score is how far you took the yoke. If you slide the yoke in an attempt to gain distance instead of carrying it, there will be a 2 second penalty imposed on your time each time this happens.

Womens Divisions:

LW/Novice/Masters: 350lbs

Middleweights: 400

Heavyweights: 450

Men's Divisions:

LW/Novice/Masters: 500

Middleweights: 575

Heavyweights: 650

3. Deadlift for Reps

Competitors will compete in pairs and have 60 seconds to perform as many reps as possible in the deadlift. No straps, suits, sumo, or other grippy substances other than chalk are allowed. Touch and go is allowed; you don't have to wait for a "lift" command but you do have to wait for a "down" command. Standard bar and plates are being used and lift is being done from the ground. Bar cannot be dropped at any time.

Women's Divisions:

LW/Novice/Masters: 245lbs

Middleweights: 275lbs

Heavyweights: 315lbs

Men's Divisions:

LW/Novice/Masters: 365

Middleweights: 455

Heavyweights: 545

4. Thor's Hammers Hold For Time

Competitors will compete in pairs and attempt to hold a pair of loadable Thor's hammers out at arm's length to the front for as long as possible. Your hands can start no higher than the top of your head and as soon as they get down below the tops of your shoulders then you're done. You must keep your butt and shoulders against a board behind you the entire time to prevent excessive lean-back. A judge will be present at your side to ensure this is happening and if you lose contact with the board you'll get one warning. If it happens again, then the judge will stop the time. Elbows must remain locked the entire time. Hammers cannot be pressed together to aid in the hold and must be held by the end where the handle meets the pommel.

All Women's Divisions: 15lb Hammers

All Men's Divisions: 25lb Hammers


5. Stone Over Bar for Reps


Competitors will compete in pairs and have 60 seconds to lift a stone over a bar for as many reps as possible. Stone will start on the ground and lifters hands will start on the cross bar. Tacky, grip shirts, and damn near everything else you wanna wear for this event is okay. Competitors will get to choose what stone they want to use out of a small selection. One rep with a heavier stone beats any number of reps with a lighter stone. For example, one rep with a 200lb stone will beat 20 reps with a 164lb stone. The cross bar will be 50" high.


All Women's Divisions:

Choice of 147, 164, or 200 stone


All Men's Divisions:

Choice of 215, 264, or 300 stone

Tel: 512.619.5980


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