Texas Strongest Woman

July 6, 2019
Ignite Fitnez
1005 St. Elmo Drive #10
Austin, TX 78745

This is a Strongman Corporation Level 1 competition. All competitors must have current Strongman Corporation memberships which are available at their website or available for purchase on the day of the competition in cash only.


WEIGH INS:  Early weigh ins are from Friday, July 5th from 5 to 7 p.m. Regular weigh-ins are 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Saturday July 6th.  Masters and heavy weights do not need to weigh in, but everyone else does. Please note that if you are in a division that does not need to weigh in, you still need to be present to check in with your membership card and get your rack height set for the yoke.




CONTEST STARTS: 9:00 a.m. (anticipated finish time 5-6pm)


ENTRY FEE: $80. Ten dollars from every entry goes into a pot that is divided up and paid out to the top 3 in each Open Division!




Novice* Lightweight under 140lbs

Novice Middleweight 141lbs to 180lbs

Novice Heavyweight 181lbs+


Open Lightweight under 140lbs

Open Middleweight 141lbs to 180lbs

Open Heavyweight 181lbs+


Masters** Lightweight under 140lbs

Masters Middleweight 141lbs-180lbs

Masters Heavyweight 181lbs+


*Novice indicates that the athletes has never done a contest before.

**Masters is anyone 40 and over


First place from each  Open and Masters division will qualify for Nationals as long as there are 5 competitors in that class. If there are fewer than five competitors, that division will be combined with  another division so that a nationals qualifying spot can exist.


Cash prizes will be awarded to 1st-3rd in the open division. Amount TBD, but $10 from every entry will go into a pot along with cash donations from sponsors.






Athletes will have 60 seconds to attempt to clean and press overhead the heaviest weight possible. Ten inch logs will be used for this event. We’ll be doing this event in a rising bar format with each competitor having three attempts. In other words, we will start with 80lbs on the log and jump in 10 pound increments until there are only two competitors left, at which case we will discuss with the competitors what they would like their next jumps to be.  Competitor has a maximum of three weights they can attempt. If a competitor misses a lift during their 60 second time period, they are out of the event. 


The log can be strict pressed, push pressed, jerked, or put overhead any way possible. At lockout, elbows must be locked, head must be pushed through, feet must be parallel to each other, and lifter must show control at the top awaiting the judges down command. Once the judge gives the down command, the log needs to be lowered to the shoulders before being returned to the crash mat.


Belts, wraps, sleeves on the knees or elbows, grip shirts, and chalk are allowed. No sticky substances are allowed to be used on the log or on the athlete to assist in the lift.






Athletes will have 60 seconds to attempt to carry the yoke down the length of a 100ft strip of turf as quickly as possible. Unlimited drops allowed.


Athletes can wear knee and elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, grip shirt, belts, etc in this event. No sticky substances are allowed on the athlete or the equipment.



MW OPEN: 400lbs

HW OPEN: 450lbs




Athletes will have 60 seconds to successfully pull a sled 50ft arm over arm with a rope while seated. Sled will be on turf. Once the entire sled crosses the line, they will then grab a keg, carry it 50ft, and place it standing up on a box.


The diameter of the rope is approximately 2 inches.  The height of the box that the keg needs to be placed upright onto is 30 inches.  Chalk is the only grip aid allowed in this event. No sticky substances are allowed on the athlete or the equipment



OPEN MW: Sled TBD / 140lb keg

OPEN HW: Sled TBD / 180lb keg




Athletes will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible.


Knee and elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, wrist straps, and belts are all allowed. Chalk and straps are the only grip aid allowed. If you’re going to wear straps, you will need to wait until time begins to strap yourself to the bar.


Conventional is the only style of deadlift allowed. The event will start with the competitors having their hands on the bar. Once time begins, lifter will lock out with their knees locked, hips pushed through, shoulders back, showing control at the top, and waiting for the judge's down command. Once the judge gives the down command,  the athlete will return the weight to the ground, lift the second rep, and hold it lock out until the judge gives the second down command. Touch and go is allowed. No second lift command will be given, but a second down command will be given. Then lifter will move on to the second bar or apparatus and lift 2 reps as quickly as possible, waiting


We’ll be using a regular barbell with plates for the lifts.



OPEN MW: 315

OPEN HW: 365




Athletes will have 75 seconds to complete as many reps as possible taking an atlas stone from the ground to their shoulder.  The stone will start on the ground and the athlete can start with their hands on the stone. The stone must go from the ground to the athletes shoulder and the supporting hand must be pulled away before the judge gives the down command.  Once the judge gives the down command, the stone can be dropped onto the crash mat in front of the athlete. The athlete will be responsible for the careful return of the stone every rep. The stone cannot be bounced off the ground in an attempt to aid in the next lift.


HAUGEN RULE: The “Haugen Rule”  is an effect. This is a sort of overtime rule that states that if the stone is off the ground and time has expired, you will get an opportunity to complete that rep.  So if you have five reps to your credit and are in the process of trying for a sixth rep when time expires, as long as that stone is off the ground when time expires you can take all the time you need to attempt that 6th rep and still get credit for it.


Knee and elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, wrist straps, and belts are all allowed. Chalk is the only grip aid allowed. Grip shirts are okay. No tacky, spray glue,  gorilla rag, or sticky substances of any kind are allowed on the stones.


NOVICE/MASTERS/OPEN LW: Appx 120lb stone

OPEN MW: Appx 140-160lb stone

OPEN HW: Appx 160-180lb stone


Weights of stones are approximate and will be firmed up before the contest as we test the events but you can expect something in this range.

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email: clay@swolebiz.com

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